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Generate documents, manage multiple reviewers, and visualize your document life cycle with less effort.

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Common use cases

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Minimize any potential friction during the hand-off from Sales to Customer Success.

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HR is the nexus of a company in attracting top talents, who are looking for efficiency and speed as part of how a company operates.

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Reduce any delay during the review cycle to ensure a timely announcement.

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Automate loan origination and increase customer satisfaction.



Reduce the time it takes to sign a document.

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Control your document process throughout all stages

Whether your review process is simple or more complex, take control of your contract process through an automation that creates a contract document using existing account details in salesforce, In each stage.

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Use specific tags for multiple reviewers

Directly send your document to the right person for review and approval to create a seamless flow. With REDLine Management tags, you can designate, tag, and send the right sections to multiple reviewers at the same time without interference, resulting in a quicker approval and turnaround time.

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Visualize document life cycle

Track your documents throughout all stages of your document's life cycle. Each activity tracking drill down will show you also the document version at this stage, so you can always go back and see the details with time stamps and turnaround times.. for efficiency tracking and KPI's

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