Automate Document Generation

The process begins with the integration of Salesforce and Nintex. Using Nintex Drawloop DocGen, which helps create content by using the account details in Salesforce to populate the template, you can automatically create any proposal, contract, or document with less error.

Send direct edits for a quicker response, approval, and smoother overall collaboration while having complete control of version history for each document.

1. Nintex Creates the Document

The template uses Tags to pull the proper information from Salesforce into the document to create it with all the relevant legal name,product and services details, etc.

2. Automate your documents and send it to the right person

The automated process first begins with Nintex and Salesforce. Using Nintex DocGen, you can automatically create any proposal or custom contract template that you need, and draft the initial version of your document by extracting all the relevant information such as any legal names, products, or service details from Salesforce.

3. Real-time redline audit trails

With track changes on, you and your clients can easily and visibly redline or make other edits in the document and send the changes back and forth using the link provided in an auto-generated email.

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