Approvals & Signature

Whether your review process is simple or more complex, take your contract from start to finish with ease through an effortless automated process. Create instant documents and share them with your team or client.

Send direct edits for a quicker response, approval, and smoother overall collaboration while having complete control of version history for each document.

1. Tag, assign, and send your document simultaneously to specific reviewers

To further simplify the contract review process, the created template uses Tags to pull the proper information from Salesforce intot he document to create it with all the relevant legal, name product and services details, etc.

2. Client Approval

When the template is generated, an email with a link to the contract generated by Nintex is sent to the client through process automation for contract approval.

3. Finalize, convert & sign off

Once the review process is done and the client approves and accepts the last agreement that was sent to them updates are written back into Salesforce and the signature process is initiated.

Through the integration of Nintex Sign, the process automatically generates the document for a signature and is sent to the proper parties for eSignatures to finalize the opportunity. A final document is attached for record keeping.

4. RLM Dashboard

RLM tracks progress, such as how many deals are in review (internal & external stages), shows how many sit with each business unit, and how many are awaiting signature.

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