Revision Process

Within the RLM tool, integrated into the Salesforce opportunity, the tracking, and audit history, of the redlines is created

A clear audit trail within the opportunity that can be viewed by the users that have access to see what has transpired, when it was done
and by who.

1. Redlining Process

The client now has the ability to redline or edit the original document in the Microsoft Word.

With track changes turned on, you and your clients can easily and visibly redline or make other edits in the document and send the changes back and forth using the link provided in the auto-generated email.

2. Writeback into Salesforce

Behind the scenes, the document is uploaded into the opportunity, the new version of the document is created and attached.

Changes are written back to Salesforce updating the status stage of the process and emails are sent to the proper reviewers internally based on the edits made.

3. Real-time redline audit trails

Whenever a revision to the document has been made, a new version of it is automatically created and attached to the email, and then directly written back into Salesforce.

Redlining Manager allows you to keep track of the entire contract review process through the application's visual tracking tool that shows which edits have been approved, rejected, or are still pending, ultimately giving insight on what’s happening during the contract negotiation process.

This creates real-time Redlining Manager audit and tracking trails, allowing all units involved to see what change was made, when it happened, and who made it.

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